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Adept Program to Live Your True Self®️

A life of slavery brought about by ignorance, dominated by material things. Know your true self-worth and live joyfully♪ Freedom [Once in a Lifetime Adept Program®] https://ameblo.jp/yukarin8momoko/entry-12293326369.html

I want to live with infinite possibilities without compromise. I will lead you to a higher dimension that you cannot reach on your own.
This is LightCenterNEFER.

Even if you're satisfied with your current life, even if you're not satisfied with it, you'll still be wasting your time on earth if you're ignorant.

In Japan's general education, the brain becomes calcified from the age of 6, with a working rate of only 3 to 10%, and by the time they graduate, they have become a cog in society.

In the midst of power games and human emotional dramas, we tend to live a life where we are carried away by money and emotions…

Also, in the case of the awakened children who began to increase in the 1970s, they despair of the current education.

Sensitive to people's emotions and the energy of the environment, they are unable to adapt to general education, where they become a cog in society, and tend to withdraw into isolation…

Where should we live on a planet where money alone is not enough to satisfy us? …

What is truly important is within you, and the savior of your life is yourself.

Let's start by getting to know ourselves, who remember things we have forgotten and lost.

This earth is the stage for a real game where you can return to your true self, and remember the unique mission that only you can accomplish.

Peace is a natural right that all human beings have
Integration of mind and body that transcends matter to satisfy the heart

Who are you?
It starts with knowing your true self-worth.

By knowing this, your consciousness and worldview will change, and the information that comes to you will also change.

Receive the strongest compass so that you can evolve and grow into the best life!

Reminds us of the correct self-image we should have as the creators of our lives, kings and queens.

Awaken your true loyalty and create a higher dimension than you have ever experienced before, which you cannot achieve on your own.

An alchemical path that transcends itself and evolves infinitely in infinite abundance.

Receive a future that you cannot see on your own and enjoy a life that is better than you expected♪

An exciting and unique life that cannot be compared to anything else, without any restrictions. Let's start an exciting life!

[What we will tell you in the program]・Know yourself! Roots of the Adept Program Know your self-worth and live the freedom of not being controlled.

・What is ego? Repeating relationshipsRecognize repeating patterns in your life

・The structure of the universe, the laws of the universe that never change. Free your consciousness from being controlled by money and matter.

・Learn about the human energy structure: aura, chakra, ether, four major forces, and magnetism.

・Connect to the original power of your higher self and enhance your intuition

・Connect with higher-dimensional beings about spirit guides and receive correct intuition.

・Receive the unique beauty and infinite evolution of human potential and holiness

・What is necessary for humanity to survive? What is truly important on an earth where love is lost?

・Jewish teachings about Kabbalah, the ancient wisdom that awakens the brain, which gave rise to 20% of the Nobel Prizes

・Meditation to increase productivity and performance Clean out the information accumulated daily and the dirty room brain

・Protect yourself from evil spirits. Protect yourself from people with low vibrations, space, and land.

・Hold positive attraction that increases the vibrations of yourself and the space

・Metaphysics that frees you from ignorance. Cultivates the ability to see the essence of things and solve them fundamentally.

・ End bad relationships by using alchemy to raise your vibrations and other ways to raise your vibrations.

[Tuition fee] 80,000 yen (2 days 10 hours)

Leading you to a dimension you cannot reach on your own
Light Center Nefer (on business trip nationwide)
~For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations~
Individual (face-to-face/remote) sessions, various classes
(Ensophic Reiki Meditation Hand Down)
Light worker/healer training meditation/experiential event planning
(Home parties, stores, company dispatch, etc.)

[Event schedule] We are holding events at any time. Please feel free to contact us regarding dates and times, and we can travel to your home or across the country.
*The venue may change after the number of participants is confirmed.

Iwate 12/30/31 from 10:00 to 16:00 Venue Sponsored by Morioka City Saien Nail School Aya


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Event date1 2023/12/30
Event date2 2024/1/3
Event date3 2024/1/8
Event date4 2024/1/10
Event date5 2024/12/19
Open time 10~16:00
Venue The venue may change depending on the number of participants.
Address Morioka City Vegetable Garden 1
Price 80000 yen
Contact light center neferu
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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