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Iwate Adept Program

[ U ❤︎ ecstasy Iwate]

Men also shine only one

Bring out your confidence ❣️

For business owners and fashionable sales people

Nail care that has become commonplace 💅

No painful nails, no off agents

Introducing fill-in that does not hurt your nails


Recommended for those who are vulnerable to pain

Nail School Aya's Nail Care 💅



The secret of its popularity is design ✨🦋✨

Bring out the charm of each person

Aya's polite nails are very popular ❣️

I've never seen the same design! ??

Infinitely expanding ✨♾✨ design

At the big roof event on 5/17 and 21 ( Sat )

In collaboration with Atelier Kimmy

With nails and fake tattoos

A design that creates your charm

I hope you enjoy it (^^)

The power of the goddesses who fill up just by being together

Time to bring new creation

Goddess power becomes the "key".

One-sided communication and

With self-contained love, even with a partner

It will be difficult to bring about the best life.

Time to be filled from the bottom of my heart

No matter or even attachment to power

Universal Ecstasy ✨♾✨

Next that cannot be reached by oneself

We will navigate to a dimension beyond expectations!

* Fake tattoos will disappear in 2 weeks.


* Black nails and, of course, colors are also recommended.

For those who have difficulty at work, just taking care of them will give you a feeling of cleanliness.

[ U ❤︎ ecstasy Iwate Information]

At the big roof where you can see the magnificent view of Mt. Iwate

At the same time as the event, in the small conference room 2

The fastest and shortest tool to bring you more creativity than you expected

We are holding an Adept Program ® ️ !

Metaphysics to deepen understanding of this material world

No life options or information

In a local city where time has stopped

The trouble is not ignorance.

Without knowing what you don't know

It's about ending your physical life.

In alchemy and metaphysics that raise the vibration

Navigate to a future beyond your expectations!

Jealousy, jealousy, delaying your success

Protect yourself from negative emotions and evil

We have various levels of tools!

◆ Adept Program ® ️ Schedule

Morioka City Saien

4/1617 ( Saturday and Sunday )

16 ( Sat ) 14 : 30-18: 30

17 ( Sun ) 13 : 00-19 : 00

4/19/20 ( Tuesday ) 10am to 4pm _

4/23/24 ( Saturday and Sunday ) 10am to 4pm

Big Roof Takizawa ( Small Meeting Room 2)

5/1718 ( Tuesday ) 10 ~ 16 o'clock

5/2122 ( Sat and Sunday ) 10 to 16 o'clock

◆ Inquiries

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Light Center NEFER ( national business trip possible )


Individual ( face-to-face / remote ) session

Various metaphysics classes and events

Stores, company dispatch, home parties, etc.

◆ Date and time

5/17/18 ( Tuesday ) 10-17 : 30 _

5/2122 ( Sat and Sunday ) 10 to 17:30

◆ Venue

Held at the Fureai Square in front of the reception

Shimoukai, Takizawa City * Free parking

◆ Experience menu

Inner abundance, opening up unknown possibilities

DNA Activation ® ️

Event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

[Price 60 minutes 15,000 yen * With wave water]

* Correct ignorance, alchemy that enhances vibration

It is a modality based on metaphysics.

◆ Organizer

Self-discovery journey conductor

Light a cave where you can't see the exit

" MIYUKI -san" , the guide to the path of heart and light


I started a business from a housewife's self-nail

Nail school owner "Aya-san"


◆ Store owner

Olarist Naomi-san

Astrology, Oracle & Tarot Reading

Digital creator


Akita Healing Salon Ain Soph Aur


Opened on 5/17 and 21st

Only one tattoo recommended for men

For those who want to enjoy design and fashion

Atelier Kimmy

Jagua tattoo one point 1000 yen ~


Industry that brings out the charm of the goddess ⭐️ For the service industry

The taste of a popular man! Protect yourself

[The oldest royal studies adept program ®️ ]

A charismatic cosmetologist from Okinawa who got a connection

Hair stylist's case

Because he wasn't aware that he was popular

Unconsciously receive negative emotions

It is also affected by the energy accumulated in the hair

I was influenced both physically and mentally.

After the adept program

The casual upset of the body becomes easier

I also noticed that I was actually tired

A charismatic hairdresser who is even more attractive

In the age of SNS , appearance is commonplace

Introducing styling on SNS

Respond to inquiries

An era when it was natural to have a sudden connection …

That's why even from the same traders

Negative emotions

It may fly unexpectedly.

When you receive a true high vibration

Stay away from low vibrations

Repeated relationships

You can also finish it!

First of all, raise your own vibration

Get the best performance

The oldest royal studies adept program

With alchemy that enhances vibration

In metaphysics free from ignorance

Let's draw a better edge (^^)

I myself was an aroma therapist

I came across an adept program.

Inspired from an early age, seeing ghosts

Because it was a childhood to prophesy

Also for sensitive psychic type

I have an edge.

The partner at that time was a business owner, and there were many dinners.

Every time you do an aroma treatment

My hands were fluttering

Power up after the adept program

You will be able to protect yourself

I realized the return of self-investment.

From that experience, the most troublesome thing is

I'm a sensitive type, but I'm pretending not to see it

Those who are not aware of it or natural psychics

Medical workers and people who have low vibration

Those involved in welfare and education, etc.

We have relationships with people other than those involved in the industry.

Be sensitive to your energy field

Repeat unconsciously by improving crisis management

Eliminates wasted energy

Best performance as a professional

It will be easier to demonstrate!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

⚜️ Participation fee 80,000

Please transfer in advance.

⚜️ Holding schedule

* Held at any time! Date and time consultation is possible

* Subject to change.

💜 Kyoto 4/12 ( Friday )

Sponsored by Healing Salon PITATA


Collaboration with Mote Mote single aristocrat Ibuki

Venue: Kyoto Machiya Space AOI Shijo Karasuma

Address : 325 Kamiyanagi-cho , Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

A 2 -minute walk from Shijo Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line

💜 Kyoto 4/2/3 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Sponsored by Healing Salon PITATA


Venue KIN Multipurpose Space

169-1 Shoshinji -cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

5 on foot from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station on the Keihan Main Line

💚 Wakayama 4/5/6 ( Tuesday ) _

Collaboration with Mote Mote single aristocrat Ibuki


Venue Raw food cafe Ren


Wakayama City Sonobe

🧡 Iwate ( Morioka City Saien )

4/1617 ( Saturday and Sunday )

16 ( Sat ) 14 : 30-18: 30

17 ( Sun ) 13 : 00-19 : 00

4/19/20 ( Tuesday ) 10am to 4pm _

4/23/24 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Supporting nail technician entrepreneurship

Nail school Sponsored by Aya


💙 Shonan 🐉 Ryugu Castle

4/26/27 ( Tuesday ) _

1 minute walk from Enoden Enoshima Station

❤️ Iwate 5/1718 ( Tuesday )

Sponsored by Healing Salon Ain Soph Aur


❤️ Iwate 21 and 22 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Event date1 2022/4/16
Event date2 2022/4/19
Event date3 2022/4/23
Event date4 2022/5/18
Event date5 2022/5/21
Open time Consultation is possible
Target Anyone is welcome
Capacity 8
Venue Morioka City Saien

Or big roof
Address Iwate prefecture
Parking Big roof is free
Price Tuition fee 80,000
Contact Light Center【NEFER】
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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