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Adept program

Industry that brings out the charm of the goddess For the service industry

The taste of a popular man! Protect yourself

[The oldest royal studies adept program ®️ ]


A charismatic cosmetologist from Okinawa who got a connection

The hair stylist's case is

Because he wasn't aware that he was popular

Unconsciously receive negative emotions

It is also affected by the energy accumulated in the hair

I was influenced both physically and mentally.

After Adept Program ® ️

The casual upset of the body becomes easier

I also noticed that I was actually tired

It became even more attractive (^^)

Now that we are in the SNS era, we can visit our stores on SNS .

An era when it was natural to get a connection …

That is why, not only from our customers, but also from our peers.

Negative emotions

It may fly unexpectedly.

If you have a good relationship

Absorb good energy

It will be a good flow.

First of all, raise your own vibration

Further best performance

The oldest royal studies adept program

With alchemy that enhances vibration

In metaphysics free from ignorance

Let's draw a better edge (^^)

I myself was an aroma therapist

I came across the Adept Program ® ️ .

Inspired from an early age, seeing ghosts

Because it was a childhood to prophesy

Also for sensitive psychic type

I have an edge.

The partner at that time was a business owner, and there were many dinners.

Every time I adjust the energy

My hands were fluttering

Power up after Adept Program ® ️

You will be able to protect yourself

I realized the return of self-investment.

The most troublesome thing is the sensitive type

Those who are not aware that they are pretending not to see

Medical workers and people who have low vibration

Those involved in welfare and education, etc.

We have relationships with people other than those involved in the industry.

Be sensitive to your energy field

As a professional by improving crisis management

You will be able to demonstrate your performance!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

⚜️ Participation fee 80,000

Please transfer in advance.

⚜️ Contact us ⚜️

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Light Center NEFER ( national business trip possible )


Individual ( face-to-face / remote ) session

Various metaphysics classes and events

Stores, company dispatch, home parties, etc.

⚜️ Holding schedule

* Held at any time! Date and time consultation is possible

* Subject to change.

🧡 Iwate ( Morioka City Saien )

4/19/20 ( Tuesday ) 10 ~ 16 o'clock

4/23/24 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Supporting nail technician entrepreneurship

Nail school Sponsored by Aya


❤️ Iwate 5/1718 ( Tuesday )

Venue Big Roof Takizawa ( Small Conference Room 1 )

Sponsored by Healing Salon Ain Soph Aur


❤️ Iwate 5/2122 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Venue Big Roof Takizawa ( Small Meeting Room 2 )

Event date1 2022/4/19
Event date2 2022/4/23
Event date3 2022/5/17
Event date4 2022/5/21
Open time 10 to 16 o'clock

Or it depends on the date.

Consultation is possible
Target Anyone is welcome
Capacity 8
Venue April is Morioka Saien

May is Big Roof Takizawa
Parking Big roof is free
Access The bus is convenient for the big roof
Price 80,000 yen
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Light Center NEFER (national business trip possible)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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