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Adept program

⚜️ The best life starts from "here" ⚜️

Get results! Meaningful self-investment

Introducing the Adept Program ® ️.


Far beyond the expectations that the brain can predict

If you have an exciting life

If you can experience unknown possibilities

Do you want to open that door?・ ・ ・

Alchemical Pass where the re-creation of life begins

Only the way of life and what was said

Routine everyday

Even if there is money, it remains unfulfilled

In a life that somehow ends

Have you ever wondered?・ ・ ・

A new generation seeking true freedom! Indigo too


Even adults who are not satisfied even if they get everything


Know the truth and transcend your existing self!

Not filled with material abundance

Correct the wrong self-image

The oldest royal school that awakens to the original self

To control life

First of all, "know yourself"

I can't reach it on my own, I'm still asleep

Let's open up more than 90% of the possibilities!

Open a new hole in your life

2 days to inspire you

True freedom that is not controlled by money or power

"It's here!

⚜️ What to tell in the program

・ About myself, who is unique

・ About higher self higher self

・ What is a mystery school?

・ About the guardian angel

・ About human potential and sacredness

・ Structure of the universe

・ Human energy structure

( Aura, chakra, ether, four majors, magnetism )

・ What you need to survive

・ Ancient wisdom Kabbalah


・ Increase the vibration of space and place

・ What is true affluence?

・ About the wrong self-image and ego that were squeezed in during the growth process

・ Protect yourself from negative vibrations and evil spirits

⚜️ participation fee 8 Man'en

Please transfer in advance.

⚜️ Schedule

* Held at any time

* Subject to change.

1/1415 ( Friday and Saturday )

1/14 days 19-21 pm

1/15 days 10-19 pm

1/15 · 16 (Saturday and Sunday)

🔷 venue Morioka city (①②)

I started a business from a housewife's self-nail

Nail school owner 💅 Aya-sponsored royal studies


2/7 · 8 (Monday and Tuesday)

🔷 Venue Morioka City

2/11 · 12 (gold ㊗️ Saturday) at 10-16

🔷 venue Takizawa City Anaguchi 271-8

④⑤ Start a business from a single mother

A manager who supports the therapist's entrepreneurship

Sponsored by body care salon MELISSA


2/9 10 (Mizuki)

🔷 Venue is being adjusted


⭐️ Life-changing power of all humankind

The best life that only those who haven't given up can get


😷 Request for cooperation in virus infection prevention measures 😷

We measure the temperature ( at the time of admission ) , disinfect hands, ventilate, social distance, and wear masks.

If you are not feeling well, please contact us.

Event date1 2022/1/14
Event date2 2022/1/15
Event date3 2022/2/7
Event date4 2022/2/9
Event date5 2022/2/11
Open time It is held at your convenience.
Target Anyone can participate
Capacity It depends on the venue.
Venue The venue is decided according to the number of people.

Please contact us.
Address Morioka City or Takizawa City
Access It depends on the venue.
Price 80,000 yen
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Light Center NEFER (national business trip possible)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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