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  2021/10/2 Aina Morioka City Lifestyle   8 Views

You lose if you are ignorant!
Regain the samurai spirit and shift to an uncontrolled life! ️

Self-investment to live wisely in a new era! in Iwate
⚜️ Once-in-a-lifetime adept program information ⚜️

Mermaid nails that are very popular in winter 🧜‍♀️
Nail salon & school where you can't make reservations for mom owners and goddesses who want to start a business

We will hold an adept program with the introduction of Nail Salon 💅 Aya ❣️

Metaphysics that inspires business owners Aware of ignorance

Receive life-changing alchemy rays

Alchemical life that receives unprecedented way of life and richness of unknown possibilities

Life is lit up after the adept program

In the light of hope, the flow of "knowing yourself" begins

10 times more love, freedom and joy while recognizing the essential richness of the heart

Unconscious anxiety, worries, fears, etc.

Things I've been procrastinating for a long time

Illuminated by the problems and stress that plagued me

Every time you know yourself, Alchemical Pass accelerates the rebuilding of your life while receiving solutions

It was born on this earth to experience various loves and joys for everyone to be happy.

So what is true happiness for you in the first place?・ ・ ・

What is affluence?
Have you ever thought about it?・ ・ ・

A new coronavirus that changed the world that started at the end of last year

Drastic for all humanity at the individual, organizational and national levels

A wave of pandemics that had to change work styles, lifestyles, and values

Even now, it has a great influence on the mentality and thinking of humankind.

There is no hope of becoming a frustrating negative in what is called World War III! !!

From a life with low unproductive vibrations

More and more people are shifting their way of life to positive and creative high vibrations.

By regaining the positive thinking and strength of the samurai spirit, which has a high degree of human vibration that has overcome the harsh trials.

Let's remember the power to open up the future!

There is nothing you can't overcome the challenges of life!

Because everything is a perfect earth plan that I have prepared.

There are various traps in life, but at the same time there is just as much hope.

That's why now, instead of facing yourself and giving up, you shift to a life where you really serve yourself!

Makeshift commercial spirit and independent

Cultivate your own awareness and radically change your life!

All human beings have the power to change their lives and can live richer.

The teachings of the oldest royal studies, the Adept Program, are simple.

Living the true abundance of "finding the joy of living and giving it to others" as an eternal being and a one and only noble being

The teachings from ancient times are simple, but even if you understand the language, why is it not manifested at the actual three-dimensional level?

Modern Mystery School receives ancient tools and puts them into practice

There is a high initiator who lives in true affluence and has proved it.

We can make others happy when we find joy in life and enrich our hearts

"The true happiness of mankind is to make others happy."

The road where infinite abundance that only those who notice it can reach continues

Even if you are already practicing and fulfilling, there is still more than 90% chance of sleeping.

When I felt the limits of 3D, thinking that everything was satisfied, I came across an old tool and woke up.

An exciting tool for those who are overwhelmed with happiness and abundance. !!

A heart that is filled many times deeper …
It will begin to rebuild your life towards the unexperienced joy you have never known before!

Alchemical Pass that lives in the infinite abundance that has been proved by the history of more than 8000 years

The true self, everything from "here" begins with the adept program.

Alchemical life, just like a paradise.
Let's throw away the way of life that is useless!

Only the victim consciousness and the life that continues to be dominated can be gained from the wasteful hardship of teasing oneself!

Please allow yourself to live affluently and receive infinite abundance 💝

💠 What we will tell you in the program ・ What is a mystery school ・ About guardian angels ・ About human potential and sacredness ・ Structure of the universe ・ Structure of human energy
(Aura, Chakra, Ether, Four Majors, Magnetism)
・ What is an ego ・ What is necessary to survive ・ Ancient wisdom Kabbalah ・ Meditation ・ Protect yourself from evil ・ Increase the vibration of space and place ・ Why is there a limit on your own?
・ Why do you have a rich life?

💠 Participation fee 80,000 rim Please transfer in advance.

⚜️ Schedule ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
* Held at any time * Subject to change.

💝 Morioka
10/2/3 (Saturday and Sunday)
10/4/5 (Monday)
10/5/6 (Tuesday) full

💝 Venue Iwate Mama Healer 🤱
Reborn Salon
Secret Garden 3-chome Sakuradai, Morioka

◆ Date and time consultation is possible Business trips and private holdings are possible * Please feel free to contact us if you are caring for children, animals, or withdrawal care.

⚜️ Inquiries Lead to areas that cannot be reached by yourself
Light Center Nefer
Kosode Yukari (on a business trip nationwide)
Various classes, event holding (store / company dispatch, home party, children's cafeteria / foster parent search), etc.

😷 Request for cooperation in virus infection prevention measures 😷
Hand wash Hand disinfection, ozone sterilization / ventilation, social distance, mask wearing, ozone sterilization are carried out.
If you are not feeling well, please contact us.

Event date1 2021/10/2
Event date2 2021/10/7
Open time Consultation is possible

2 days (10 hours)
Target Anyone can participate
Capacity 8 people
Address 1-7-1 Nishidori, Morioka Station, Morioka City
Parking can be
Access In the case of Aina, 5 minutes from the west exit of Morioka Station
Price 80,000 yen
Contact Lead to areas that cannot be reached on your own

Light Center Nefer

Kosode Yukari (on a business trip nationwide)

Various classes, event holding (store / company dispatch, home party, children's cafeteria / foster parent search), etc.
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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