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Adept Program®️ in Morioka

KUMA 😘 I like 🧸 as much as CHU 💝

[ Information about the Morioka Adept Program®️ ]


Bring peace of mind to your life

Ensophic Reiki Healer

🤲What is Anshin Ritsumei?

A state where life is possible with peace of mind and lively.

Even those who are living in a world of suffering and worry

Ensophic Ray that invites true joy and peace

Our state of perfection is the absence of any worries

No pain, no hesitation, no anger

To live without sorrow.

Therefore, good luck

I keep disease at bay ✨🧸✨

A cancer survivor based in Yahaba

Sponsored by Iyashi no Melia

ADEPT PROGRAM ®️ will be held.

For healing Melia

One of the important people who has always wished for happiness

renovated the family business

pretty goddess

The power of the DNA that the lineage has ,

Original frontier spirit

produce something unique

One-of-a-kind ideas and

To the people I met with my favorite 🧸- chan

The passion to live❤️‍🔥and the joy of living♪

I will hand it over 🥰

Inspiring the second generation to take over the family business

oldest imperial science

I want to evolve without compromise!

A Natural Taste for Managers and Leaders

With metaphysics that can be received by those who can see the essence

cannot reach on their own

Start creating cosmic levels!

⚜️Tuition fee 80,000 ( 10 hours for 2 days )

⚜️ Schedule

Date and time consultation, home / nationwide business trip possible

Child-rearing, nursing care, illness, withdrawal, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

* The venue may change after the number of people is confirmed.

⚜️ MORIOKA held

3/18 , 19 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Sponsor 💅 nail school Aya


3/21/22 ( Tuesday and Wednesday ) 13:00 18:00

Venue Morioka City Vegetable Garden 1

3/30/31 ( Thursday and Friday ) 9 : 00-15 : 00

Sponsored by Iyashi no Melia


Venue Morioka City Vegetable Garden 1

4/12 ( Saturday and Sunday ) time adjustment

Venue Morioka City Vegetable Garden 1

⚜️Contact us

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light center  Nefer ( on a nationwide business trip )

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~


Individual ( face-to-face/remote ) sessions, various classes

( Ensophic Reiki Meditation Hand Down )

Lightworker Healer Training

Meditation and hands-on event planning

( Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc. )

[Once in a lifetime Adept Program® ]


So that you can evolve and grow into the best life

I will give you the strongest compass.

to have as creator of life

Remind yourself to the correct self image

Awaken your true loyalty

Navigate to multidimensional creation

A deeper understanding of alchemical pathways

unable to reach on their own

Let's shift to a richer life than expected!

The joy I've never experienced before ♪ True love

full of miracles and magic

exciting life…


For those who want to transcend themselves in the current situation

Please accept it 💝

◆ What to tell in the program

・The roots of the Adept Program

・About guardian angels

・About human potential and sacredness

・The structure of the universe

・Human energy structure

( Aura, Chakra, Ether, Four Majors, Magnetism )

What is ego

・Things necessary for survival

・Ancient Wisdom Kabbalah


・Protect yourself from evil

・Increase the vibration of space and field


・Alchemy, etc.

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Event date1 2023/3/30
Event date2 2023/4/1
Event date3 2023/4/17
Event date4 2023/4/19
Event date5 2023/4/25
Open time Negotiable time
Venue Confirm the venue according to the number of participants
Address Morioka Vegetable Garden 1
Parking Paid
Access About 10 minutes by car from Morioka Station
Price 80,000 connections

*In the case of credit card payment

Fee 2000 yen
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light Center Nefer (on a nationwide business trip)

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~

Individual (face-to-face/remote) sessions, various classes

(Ensophic Reiki Meditation Hand Down)

Lightworker Healer Training

Meditation and hands-on event planning

(Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc.)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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