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Adept Program®️

Stop being a convenient human being who will be exploited !! ️

[ Information about the Morioka Adept Program®️ ]


The best self-investment to increase self-worth

with or without money

In the Matrix, humanity continues to steal love

Do you know the truth of this earth?

Can you see the essence?

your life without compromise

You are the one who can evolve!

Get rich quick, Tamanokoshi and Sakadama

No hero appears.

because the hero is you

that can change your life

Because only yourself!

In a life that should have been the main character

I can't say what I'm not convinced of

Are you slacking off on your own happiness?

As the leading role in life, elevating it to a king or queen

Not a partner, lineage or property.

Education that suits you

Give true metaphysics = imperial science

It's the right investment in yourself.

Awaken the still sleeping brain 🧠

be reminded of the correct self-image

At last the creation of the universe level will begin.

remember your true self

Imperial studies that cannot be reached by one's own strength

You can't get it just because you have money.

Everything that exists now is a matrix created by you

Ignorance and mental and physical instability take away

Realize your true power and self-reliance!

It can also increase your self-worth

It's all up to you.

When you want the best evolutionary tools without compromise

I met the Adept Program®️

The fastest and shortest evolution ever

I was able to receive it!

2005 when I couldn't imagine who I am now

And New Moon 3/22 2023❤️‍🔥Aries _ _

Like Marilyn Monroe on this earth

Goddess awakens✨👸✨

A life without male chauvinism and exploited love

Just seriously endure

I don't want my life to end…

Causes of depression, suicide and cancer

Hospitals alone will not solve the problem!

I'm glad I was born! every day that seems

Let's regain a healthy mind, body and relationships!

⚜️Tuition fee 80,000 ( 10 hours for 2 days )

⚜️ Schedule

Date and time consultation, home / nationwide business trip possible

Child-rearing, nursing care, illness, withdrawal, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

* The venue may change after the number of people is confirmed.

⚜️ MORIOKA held

3/18 , 19 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Sponsor 💅 nail school Aya


3/21/22 ( Tuesday and Wednesday ) 13:00 18:00

Venue Morioka City Vegetable Garden 1

⚜️ Held in TOKYO

3/2829 ( Tuesday and Wednesday )

Venue 5 minutes walk from Hanzomon Station

⚜️Contact us

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light center  Nefer ( on a nationwide business trip )

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~


Individual ( face-to-face/remote ) sessions, various classes

( Ensophic Reiki Meditation Hand Down )

Lightworker Healer Training

Meditation and hands-on event planning

( Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc. )

[Once in a lifetime Adept Program® ]

So that you can evolve and grow into the best life

I will give you the strongest compass.

to have as creator of life

Remind yourself to the correct self image

Awaken your true loyalty

Navigate to multidimensional creation

A deeper understanding of alchemical pathways

unable to reach on their own

Let's shift to a richer life than expected!

The joy I've never experienced before ♪ True love

full of miracles and magic

exciting life…


For those who want to transcend themselves in the current situation

Please accept it 💝

◆ What to tell in the program

・The roots of the Adept Program

・About guardian angels

・About human potential and sacredness

・The structure of the universe

・Human energy structure

( Aura, Chakra, Ether, Four Majors, Magnetism )

What is ego

・Things necessary for survival

・Ancient Wisdom Kabbalah


・Protect yourself from evil

・Increase the vibration of space and field


・Alchemy, etc.

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Event date1 2023/3/21
Event date2 2023/3/18
Event date3 2023/3/29
Event date4 2023/3/30
Event date5 2023/4/1
Open time 3/21/22 13:00-18:00

Negotiable time
Venue Confirmed according to the number of participants
Address Morioka Vegetable Garden 1
Parking Paid
Access 10 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bus from Morioka Station
Price 80,000 connections

credit card. or transfer
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light Center Nefer (on a nationwide business trip)

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~

Individual (face-to-face/remote) sessions, various classes

(Ensophic Reiki Meditation Hand Down)

Lightworker Healer Training

Meditation and hands-on event planning

(Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc.)
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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